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  • design- plants & garden layout mapped with landscape software
  • selection- plant/shrub/tree options considering sun exposure, soil, client preferences, moisture needs etc.
  • renovation- changes to garden size/shape or plant additions/removals/relocations
  • identification- plants/trees/shrubs
  • maintenance- useful, low-maintenance ideas
  • home staging- maximize curb appeal and interior impressions by staging with plants, gardens and landscaping
  • recommendations- plant/tree/shrub options, garden location, soil additions, mulching etc. 

     Pricing + HST (13%):

  • Consultation- $140 (half will be credited toward subsequent labour if hired for follow-up work) 
  • Follow-Up Consultations (after the initial consultation) & Labour will be invoiced at $42/hr.
  • Garden Design (using a photograph of the existing garden and Greenscapes software-front view): $80 to 400
  • Garden Design (24 x 36 inch colour print using Dynascape software-top view) and Report (written): $600 to 1200 

       [estimated at time of consultation; depending on complexity & garden(s) size]

      A Report will include the following, as applicable: 
  • identification of potential challenges with current gardens/plantings
  • recommendations for planting/ transplanting (based on client & site conditions) 
  • suggestions for site preparation or soil amendments
  • possible sources and cost for plants and soil amendments 
  • timeline of priorities (client preference, budget and time)



  Installation, Rejuvenation and Maintenance:

  • pruning
  • weeding
  • property staging
  • planting and transplanting 
  • sourcing and delivery (locating, purchase, pick-up)
  • seasonal cleanup (spring dust-off/fall dividing, pruning or transplanting)