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Seminar at LEE VALLEY, Waterloo location:

Garden Postscript Evaluation

Fri. Sept. 15, 2016

5:30 - 8:30 pm

hands-on; bring photographs, dimensions, ideas...

link to register: http://www.leevalley.com/en/home/SeminarDetails.aspx?p=7063&rs=80

I look forward to meeting you there. 



SunPatiens-variegated leaves
You are probably familiar with Impatiens, an annual that reliably produces a profusion of colour even in the deepest shade. Impatiens, with single or double petals, come in a range of colours from white, coral, deep orange, light pink, fuschia... to purple. SunPatiens is a recent hybrid developed from a cross between the New Guinea Impatiens and the wild Impatiens. What is most spectacular about the SunPatiens is that it does well in full sun and high heat, conditions that would wilt the regular Impatiens. For those of you who love Impatiens but have not been able to use its abundant jewel colours because of too much sun, SunPatiens has the answer.
Keen to try growing fruit this year? The Borealis and Tundra varieties of Haskaps or Honeyberries were bred in Sask. Haskaps are very hardy (zone 2- better than blueberries) and your 1st crop can be enjoyed before strawberries even ripen. Check out www.veseys.com for info. & ordering.
Martini hostas or 'Tini series' of hostas are tiny specimens for gardens or containers, with 10 cm long leaves and 15 cm tall mounds. Check out www.qandznursery.com. Other 2011 hostas include American Gothic, Backyard Monster, Dream Queen, Prince of Darkness, Blackjack, Surfer Girl & Montreal Blue Icestorm.
hosta & lamium


Paprika, Strawberry Crush and Fragrant Oso Easy Roses can be grown without fungicides- no black spot or mildew during 4 years of trials. Hardy to zone 4 and 'oso' proven winners. Check out http://www.veseys.com/ca/en/store/roses/provenwinners.

Emperor's Mint
Emperor's Mint

Can there be a mint that is not a garden bully (invasive)? Check out Hoary/Common/Vrginia Mountain MInts (Pycanthemum species) and Emperor's Mint (Micromeria species). Mountain Mints are not as attractive as the diminuitive Emperor's Mint with tiny, purple, orchid-like flowers, and the flavour of both is more refined and less bold than the flavour of the Mentha species.

Interested in All American winners of flowers and vegetables? Check out www.StokeSeeds.com for: Salvia - Summer Jewel Red, Hybrid Ornamental Kale - Glamour Red, Viola 'Shangri-La Marina' F1, Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot', Pumpkin 'Hijinks' F1.